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For ROCOL®, the health and safety of all our customers and employees is our number one priority. To minimize the risk of infection as far as possible, we are following all guidelines issued by the Government and reviewing our own policies daily.

Our manufacturing, distribution and laboratory facilities are fully operational and following the appropriate recommendations to make sure we are able to serve our customers whilst guaranteeing our teams’ health and safety. Our employees are working from home where possible, and we will continuously assess our full supply chain from raw materials availability to finished goods logistics to make sure any risks of interruptions are promptly addressed. We will continue to review and monitor the situation and shall take all required actions to keep everyone safe whilst serving our customers. The ROCOL ULTRACARE® service team is still available for support and servicing; however, we are finding an increasing number of customers are operating with limited visitor access.

If you are currently accepting external contractors on site, and you have a safe distancing policy in place, we would kindly ask you to contact your regional service engineer to confirm site accessibility and we will continue to provide you with your scheduled ULTRACARE® service as far as government policy permits. If your circumstances or your policy changes, then we would kindly ask you to inform us at the earliest convenience. In order to support all our loyal customers, we are today launching our ULTRACARE® Response Service. Any ULTRACARE® client can contact their local service engineer who will be able to provide technical support over the phone or arrange a suitable time to conduct an emergency call out on site.

As this situation is evolving and logistically it is becoming increasingly difficult to transport goods, we would highly recommend holding stock of the following products on site:
ULTRAGUARD® SC System Cleaner, ULTRAGUARD® BX 2000 Bactericide & ULTRAGUARD® FX Fungicide in addition to your usual bulk fluids.

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