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For patients critically ill with Coronavirus (Covid-19), access to a ventilator could be a matter of life or death. The machines get oxygen into the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from the body when people are too sick to breathe on their own. The critical demand for ventilators has seen the Department of Health make a plea to industry to support the ventilator production programme.

As the Cabinet Office contacts leading manufacturers for support, and the Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) is launching a ‘call to action’ with an email address and hotline number; ITW ROCOL is on-hand to provide ventilation specific lubricants and fluid solutions for any manufacturer that answers the Governments’ call. The production and assembly of ventilation and breathing apparatus requires manufacturers to meet stringent criteria – and this is where ROCOL, the world leader in industrial lubrication meets the demands of industry.

Recommended for use in oxygen rich environments such as ventilators in hospitals and other ‘breathing air’ systems, ROCOL’s RT15 PFPE grease is the perfect product for manufacturers and assemblers of ventilation systems. The grease is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and it is regarded as a ‘fit and forget’ lubricant.

As an oxygen compatible lubricant that lengthens re-lubrication periods dramatically, the RT15 PFPE grease can resist degradation in hostile conditions whilst being compatible with plastics used in ventilation equipment. The ROCOL RT15 grease can be used in precision bearings, seals and gearbox applications as well as being suitable for sliding surfaces such as pins, valves, plungers and screws. With resistance to aggressive chemicals and strong oxidising agents, the ROCOL RT15 grease is the perfect choice for use in respiratory and chemical applications.

Fortified with PTFE and specified as an extreme high load lubricant, the ROCOL RT15 grease does not have a detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals. In addition to the RT15 grease, ROCOL can also supply ventilation manufacturers with its OT20 grease.

For manufacturers looking to support the National Coronavirus ventilation support program, it is imperative that engineers realise that fluids and lubricants for the health sector require compliance and compatibility to a completely different level to that of general subcontract manufactured parts – this is where ROCOL’s extensive product range, expertise and product support can assist industry. For manufacturers looking to support this ventilator support programme, please contact the government via [email protected] to get involved – and ROCOL for your specialist lubrication requirements.

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