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schedule3rd Nov 21

Motiontek operates in the south of Finland near Helsinki and has been a ROCOL distributor for eight years. We talk to Marko Rantanen, Managing Director, to find out how they became a distributor and why he recommends ROCOL products to clients.

What is your company and how did your relationship with ROCOL begin?
My relationship with ROCOL began at a company I worked at previously, which used ROCOL products. With my background in mechanical engineering, my interests have always been more concentrated on the technical side of things. I wanted to focus on this and supply products that would give customers the best results, so I left and set up Motiontek so I could do just that.

We found that, in Finland, distributors aren’t focusing on the end user in the same way as we are at Motiontek. Making the customer a priority and giving them the best products for the job has seen customers stay with us.

How long have you worked with ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
We set up the company in 2013 and started working with ROCOL shortly after. I already had a good relationship with ROCOL from my previous role, so it was a simple decision to work together at Motiontek.

What are your favourite parts about working with ROCOL and why?
The products are designed from a technical perspective and are of high quality. I would always prefer to sell customers high-quality products that I know they will be happy with over cheaper, lower quality ones.

The service and knowledge that ROCOL provide are great. The people there are always friendly and are very hands-on when giving help to solve problems our customers may be having. Unlike many other places, the staff there aren’t hidden away, they are always available on the phone or email to help.

ROCOL products are the easiest products to sell as they are some of the most advanced available. The business is also well organised, which helps when it comes to maintaining stock levels.

What ROCOL products do you use and where do you use them?
We provide a full range of ROCOL products to our customers. However, our focus is on industrial, cutting fluids and bearing oils. We also have a large customer base for the FOODLUBE range.

Share one experience with ROCOL that made them better than any other competitor.
This is a difficult one as there is so much that makes ROCOL better than their competitors and there isn’t just one thing I can point to.

Something that does come to mind is that you are always dealing with a person, never a faceless computer. For me, personal relationships are very important.

Working with ROCOL means we are in the brilliant position of dealing with some of the most knowledgeable people in the world in their area. To be able to tap into that knowledge to help solve a problem for a customer is amazing. We talk like friends and work to find solutions together.

As well as practical help, the people we deal with always give us the tools to work with that will make us successful. That could be branding, training, amazing products or being there to help when we need it.

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