Launching the new EASYLINE EDGE applicator!

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Patented airflow system for marking sharp, long-lasting lines

  • You’re in control – instant line marking for small to medium areas addresses needs quickly
  • Quick to assemble and simple to use – no experience or tools needed
  • Wide range of colours available

-Why choose EASYLINE EDGE?
With a superior paint formulation combined with the precision engineered EASYLINE EDGE applicator, the EASYLINE EDGE System produces sharp, bright and durable lines.

Value for money
  • Typically up to 100% more paint content than other marking sprays – goes further with bolder lines
  • High quality paint creates longer lasting lines
  • Saves time with minimal mess and wastage
Superior performance
  • Unique traffic grade epoxy produces highly durable lines
  • Resistant to most general chemicals and cleaning products e.g. petrol, diesel, floor cleaning fluids, de-icer, etc.
  • Unique dual-propellant system performs consistently in a wide range of temperatures
  • Designed and supported by our technical team of chemists and engineers
It’s safe
  • Efficient system avoids direct handling and exposure to paint and thinners
  • Safe, non-irritant formula minimises risk of harm to user and the environment**


  • Use indoors and outdoors for marking car parks, warehouses and stores, factory floors, playgrounds and sports courts and any other hard flat surfaces
  • Reduces downtime – dries in 10 mins and traffic ready in 30 mins*
  • Reduces costs – no need to employ contractors
  • Supplied in heavy-duty carry case

Adjustable rear stabilisers
Flexibility to paint next to curbs, walls and racking and to paint curved lines.

Height adjustable handle
Tilts for comfort.

Improved wheel design
Increased stability and easier to use on rougher surfaces.

Sharper edge than competitors
Patented airflow system and improved masking plate design offers improved line edge definition versus leading line marking competitors.

Line width adjustment
Choose any line width from 50-100mm. Completely adaptable to your needs.

Enhanced line edge definition and quality
Fins and silicone brushes manage the paint flow for consistent line quality over long distances

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