How to feed your highly loaded bearings

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We are proud to launched our new, high performance food grade grease designed to overcome the maintenance challenges associated with pipework blockages.

The unique formulation of the new FOODLUBE Hi-Load SF grease prevents blocked pipework, a frequent headache for maintenance engineers that results in costly manual interventions on automatic lubrication systems and bearing replacement or repair.

“Pipework blockages are often the result of solids conglomerating in the grease, which ultimately prevent it from flowing through the pipe,” says ROCOL food and hygiene segment specialist, Andy Howard. “The causes are numerous, and include pipework that is too narrow; a pipe run that is too long for the size, speed, temperature and bearing load being fed from the grease reservoir; using grease that has passed its ‘best before’ date; or chemical reactions in the grease causing it to solidify.

“Currently, maintenance engineers have to choose between greases that move readily through pipes but don’t offer the performance required to keep highly loaded bearings performing effectively, and greases that deliver on load carrying performance but cause pipe blockages.”

FOODLUBE Hi-Load SF fluid grease is a semi-fluid extreme pressure (EP) grease, specifically designed for use on highly loaded bearings in automatic lubrication systems. Its unique formulation means it will not separate, even when used in small bore scenarios or left for a long period of time in a container or reservoir.

The grease is NSF H1 registered, which makes it suitable for incidental food contact; ISO21469 registered, which means it has been manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices. It is also Halal and Kosher certified.

Andy says FOODLUBE Hi-Load SF has been developed to complement other auto lube system products in the FOODLUBE range, in particular FOODLUBE AUTO SF:
“Where pipes are feeding bearings under low to medium loads in standard operations, FOODLUBE AUTO SF is ideal,” he says. “Where pipes are feeding bearings under higher loads or on more arduous operations, Hi-Load SF will take the strain and ensure bearings continue to perform.”

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