#COVID-19: ITW ROCOL seeks partners for development of urgently needed ventilators


Yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP called for a national effort from UK Manufacturers who can support the production of ventilators for use within the NHS, and one Yorkshire member, ITW ROCOL, has responded to that call to action.   

Answering the call of, ‘Manufacturers who can support our National Effort for #coronavirus ventilator production,’ Made in Yorkshire member ITW ROCOL has announced a drive to bring awareness to two of their products, RT15 and OT20, which are greases used in the manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of air systems and specifically for oxygen systems like ventilators, which are currently in high demand.

With the UK government stating, “If you make them (Ventilators), we’ll buy them,” the company is looking to showcase these products to any Made in Yorkshire or Made in the Midlands members who may be looking to source some of the critical components and consumables that are needed to build ventilators. 

Speaking about this drive, Shaun Heys from ITW ROCOL said, “With the Department of Health calling for help from industry to support the national effort for Coronavirus ventilator production, we are on hand to support every manufacturer planning to support the ‘call to action’. Whilst only a small part of the overall assembly, it is vitally important to use a suitable lubricant in oxygen/air systems. We don't want any manufacturers who are new to building ventilators to overlook this aspect so please get in touch if you have any questions.”

Medical ventilators are used to provide oxygen to patients with breathing difficulties. Still, there are not nearly enough of them to deal with the coronavirus outbreak with only 5,000 said to be currently in circulation across the UK. The Department of Health has revealed that in a worst-case scenario, the NHS will need an additional 20,000 of these machines.

If you could make use of ITW ROCOL’s products in the production of ventilators, you can contact them [email protected] or 0113 232 2700.

If you’re looking to make ventilators, you can contact the Government Business Support team on 0300 456 3565 or via [email protected]

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