Aircraft preservation in challenging times

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In these strange and challenging times, the aerospace industry is seeing an increased number of aircraft grounded for extended periods of time. Fleets represent a massive investment for airlines and other operators therefore it is important to carry out aircraft preservation procedures to keep valuable assets flight fit for when they can be returned to normal service.

ROCOL can date its involvement in aerospace lubrication back nearly 100 years to when it first supplied products to Rolls-Royce for aero engines, since then it has developed many technologically advanced products to keep the aerospace industry flying. ROCOL has an extensive range of aerospace lubricants and corrosion protection products approved by key commercial & defence OEMs and operators such as Boeing, Airbus and NATO. It is important to keep to recommended lubrication maintenance schedules both when in active service and when aircraft are grounded, but it is corrosion protection products that can be of particular value during this uncertain period while aircraft are grounded.

ROCOL AEROSPEC PROTECT Spray delivers a heavy-duty wax film for long term corrosion protection in outdoor environments. It is an Airbus approved product ideal for use on applications such as main landing gear axle sleeves, hinges, gearbox casings or other
exposed metal components. AEROSPEC PROTECT is easy to use with its aerosol format, allowing precise application to critical surfaces. The product provides excellent corrosion protection, is resistant to wash-off and chemically resistant to fuels, oils, greases and deicer fluids.

In addition, the ROCOL range includes military developed and approved corrosion protection fluids PX-28 and PX-32 for preservation and corrosion protection of structural members of airframes, interior surfaces of aircraft skins, components and bare metal. Also available is Z30, a heavy-duty wax film product supplied in fluid or aerosol for long term corrosion protection of machinery components and equipment. For convenience all fluid products can be brush, dip or spray applied. In laboratory tests to simulate the effects of corrosion in highly aggressive environments such as salt fog and high humidity, all the ROCOL products offer ultimate protection with zero corrosion on protected surfaces.

This accelerated testing represents an incredible two years in the real world.

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