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ROCOL is part of ITW, a multi-national US owned, Fortune 150 company. We develop, manufacture and market technically advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems to industries worldwide.

Based in Leeds, UK, the origins of our company date back to 1878 when Victor Ragosine developed a yellow lubricating oil which he subsequently sold throughout Europe. Unlike other lubricating methods the yellow oil was virtually non-corrosive making it technically superior to other products available.

Whilst we have made significant advances over the years, our ethos remains the same-to create highly technical products of superior quality to the competition, giving you performance you can trust.

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Services ROCOL Provide

Lubrication management services


You get an easy and flexible food grade service package tailored to suit your needs. We implement a survey that includes lubricant, frequency and application methods for each asset along with full lubrication best practice training.


The premium care package for the supply and management of ROCOL cutting fluids. The Ultracare® service is our commitment to ROCOL customers, ensuring optimum performance of cutting fluids at all times.

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ROCOL Grease Gun Demonstration Video

"By using ROCOL Tri-Logic EP we have significantly reduced our cutting fluid usage. We have realised an approximate 50% reduction in our spend on cutting fluids. In addition, we have eliminated skin irritation issues suffered by some of our machine operators whilst using our previous supplier’s products".

- Chris Hepburn, Managing Director - Ayrshire Precision Engineering -

“ The gearbox trial ran for 50 hours with FOODLUBE Hi-Load SF and we didn’t notice any changes in the temperature or noise which is a real positive. We have had quite a lot of gearbox failures in the past where the gears have mashed together, and the bearings destroyed and now using FOODLUBE Hi-Load SF we feel that with the moving parts will constantly be lubricated dramatically reducing the risk of failure.”

- Quality Engineer - Leading pharmaceutical OEM -

"ROCOL's FOODLUBE Ultra ® has been fantastic, we saved lots of time and more importantly money".

- Alan Collet, Production Engineering Manager - Crown Paints -

“It is of utmost importance at Hovis to be vigilant and proactive in eliminating any potential risk no matter how slight to our products during production. Any inventive products such as the DETEX aerosol range from ROCOL are always welcomed and embraced by us.”

- Andy Houlden, Lubrication Engineer - Hovis -

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Wakefield Road, Swillington Leeds, LS26 8BS
Tel: 0113 232 2600